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It's my birthday today

2018-02-16 11:39:10 by Dronik



@HunterPunter 6298961_151879852953_Hunty.png 








Non-gift things:

@omenakettu (btw, this is not a Bday gift but i still appreciate her making this) 6298961_151879897392_Omena.png



Thank you for these gifts and thanks to all of the wishes! Btw happy birthday RavenousRedRaptor

Happy new year!

2017-12-31 18:00:19 by Dronik

Happy new year everyone! This has been a shitty year but it kinda went fast as i tought. Anway, here are some friends and some epic people that i want to thank for being special this year:

@SentryTurbo: A really great friend, reason why i'm still animating and a funny boy

@DaskerKS: A good friend and good at giving critics

@Kreepah: A productive guy and a really great animator with cool ideas

@Dudingdarn: My inspiration and the lord of sprites

@ShootDaCheese An epic spritemaker and great at inspiring

@BizWuzzZuzz: Same as ShootDaCheese

@zmatrix: A very polite guy

@Jsoull: A pretty detailed spritemaker and a good collab organizer but the lord of cyberbullying

@Spaderz: Big muscles? Check

@NarrowedBlits: A great motivator and my dad

@Dankon Le new Tiny-Airman

@Swffr A very polite person with cool drawings

@lokinase: Le famous person

@juanford66: Oh yis ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

@macaroni4lifxd: Cateater

@BoRKman: A cool Swedish boy to chat with

@KKonnePunZ: Pun god

@clee3rd: Same as ShootDaCheese

@SM28: A really nice artist with many ideas

@Madnesia19: Same as Swffr

@Dark11O: Epic animator

@Trazord: Same as Dark11O

@ATP505: My love <3


So, happy new year everyone hope y'all have a good 2018 and stay epic!