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2017-07-10 06:40:30 by Dronik

I'm in 4 collabs now. From earliest to latest

1. Mjorik's Randomes 2 collab. Deadline 8 august.

2. Sapky Rides's Reversion 2 collab. Deadline MD17.

3. Grumpy666's Target collab. Deadline MD17

4. (Big collab) Djjaner's Ryder revenge collab. Deadline MD17.

So, i've already finished my parts for Reversion 2 collab and they are not good cuz i was shit back then but whatever. And i will send some more clips to mjorik for the collab so i'm almost done with them. And i've started making a clip for the Target colllab. And for the Ryder revenge collab, well. I've made my own background for it but i don't have ideas for the clip. So it will take me a bit time. That is all i wanted to say.



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